On the 16th of January 2024, the QDMC Inc. (Queensland Ducati Motorcycle Club) was officially founded after a group of like-minded individuals decided to turn their shared motorcycle interests into a Ducati Club to become the affiliated Ducati Official Club for Ducati owners in Queensland Australia. After several quick meetings, we were on our way to creating something extraordinary.

We have an exciting vision for QDMC. In that vision, the membership will transparently direct the club. QDMC is an open and inclusive club with a diverse membership that includes Ducati Motorcycle owners and members who ride all makes and models of motorcycles and have a SHARED passion for DUCATI. As the Only Official Affiliated Ducati Club for Queensland, our immediate plan for 2024 / 2025 is to initially grow our membership rapidly in Queensland and then... who knows???

We have already formed a fantastic relationship with Ducati that extends to a proactive engagement culture across all the Queensland Dealerships. Additionally, we have established QDMC key partners on sponsorship support, which we are incredibly grateful for; with everything now in place, we are well positioned to “Ride As One” on this fantastic new adventure.

We look forward to you joining QDMC, where you will gain access to Ducati & QDMC events, regular group morning, full day, and weekend overnight rides throughout Queensland that QDMC will specifically tailor to support our diverse members from beginner riders through to track day events for the more experienced. We also organise specific rides for bringing a pillion, ladies' rides, sports bikes, and everything else to ensure you get value from your membership and that your QDMC membership brings you joy….. Our QDMC community has an incredible knowledge base; no matter the question, I am confident that one of our QDMC members will have the answer!

Bill Law

QDMC President / Website and Social-Media



Lee Yates
QDMC Treasurer

Terry Manderson
QDMC Secretary

Ben Crawford
QDMC Membership Guru

Desmo Dougie
QDMC Dealers and Sponsorship Guru

Nardine Yates
QDMC Merchandise Guru

Leigh McKinnon
QDMC Events and Rides Guru

Paul Zutt
QDMC Category Guru

Position Open
Far North Queensland Membership Guru

QDMC Sponsors

Ducati Dealerships
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